Marvin & Associates, P.C.

Social Security Appellate Lawyers Operating in the Greater Chicagoland Area

Marvin & Associates, P.C., handles a wide array of matters related to Social Security Disability benefits. We help clients in the following areas:

Handling Denied Claims

If your claim was denied after an administrative law judge (ALJ) hearing or at the Appeals Council, you may still be able to obtain disability benefits with the assistance of an experienced lawyer. If you have been denied, our firm can help you by:

  • Requesting a review from the Appeals Council — this involves filing a written argument explaining why the ALJ ruling was wrong — and representing you in that review
  • Appealing your case in federal court if appropriate — we have represented clients in thousands of cases in district courts in Illinois, Indiana and Wisconsin, as well cases in the United States Court of Appeals, Seventh Circuit.

Appeals of Overpayment Determinations

Our firm represents people in Social Security Disability overpayment claims at the Appeals Council and in Federal Court. If you have received an unfavorable decision from an administrative law judge on an overpayment claim, we can review your case to decide whether there are any appealable issues. Our extensive experience in this area includes cases involving erroneous payments, problems with trial work periods, repayment waivers and other difficulties.

Evanston Social Security Appellate Attorneys Operating in the Greater Chicagoland Area

Free Consultation

Our firm’s Evanston disability benefits attorneys can answer your questions and help you understand your legal rights. If appropriate, we can help you pursue SSDI or SSI disability benefits, even if your claim was denied. Contact us for a free consultation.