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We have been helping people obtain disability benefits since 1986.


We have been helping people obtain disability benefits since 1986.

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An Evanston Firm Operating in the Greater Chicagoland Area

Helping People Obtain Disability Benefits Since 1986

At Marvin & Associates, P.C., we have been helping clients obtain Social Security Disability benefits since 1986. With a total focus on this area of the law and experience with thousands of cases, the firm is highly qualified to help you pursue benefits or resolve benefit-related problems such as overpayment claims.

Our firm helps clients seek benefits at all stages of their Social Security Administration claims, taking cases from the initial application level all the way to the federal courts of appeals. If your claim has been denied, we can provide guidance and representation to help you get any benefits to which you are entitled.

Marvin & Associates, P.C. specializes in difficult and unusual cases. Our firm will review your case, even if another firm has evaluated you claim and declined representation. Our extensive knowledge and experience means that we may be able to provide additional insights into the merits of your claim.

The Advantages Of Working With A Local Attorney

If you or a loved one needs SSDI, SSI or other federal benefits, there are many advantages to working with a local attorney rather than an out-of-state company. As a local firm that concentrates on Chicagoland Social Security Disability cases, we are:

  • Highly experienced with local offices: After more than 25 years of working locally with the Social Security Administration, we are highly familiar with offices, hearings and judges in the area, as well as local industries and important cultural considerations that may bear on your case.
  • Responsive and available: Our firm provides responsive support and personal attention to our clients. We are a team of professionals dedicated to serving disabled people in the area, not a corporation with a hand in many different markets.
  • Committed to our clients: We do not withdraw from cases simply because we lost at a certain stage. We stick with our clients’ meritorious claims until their cases are resolved.

Appeals In Federal Court

Our firm has extensive experience with disability appeals in federal court. Our attorneys have handled over one thousand five hundred cases in the U.S. District Courts for the Northern, Central and Southern Districts of Illinois, the Northern District of Indiana and the Eastern and Western Districts of Wisconsin. We have handled over 120 appeals in the United States Court of Appeals, Seventh Circuit, located in Chicago. Our lawyers have a firm understanding of law within the Seventh Circuit, and the firm uses a system of oversight so that more than one attorney has input into every case, as to the issues to be raised and editing of the briefs filed with the Court.

Evanston Disability Appeals Lawyers Operating in the Greater Chicagoland Area

Free Consultation

The firm’s Evanston Social Security Disability attorneys can help you answer questions about SSDI or SSI disability benefits. Contact us for a free consultation in the Evanston, Illinois, area. Please note that for overpayment or continuing disability review cases there may be a consultation fee charged.